The Beginner’s Guide to Bushings

While small in size and simple in design, bushings play an important role in high-stress applications where vibrations are problematic. Automotive suspension systems, for example, often feature control arms with bushings that connect the vehicle’s struts or shocks to the … Read More

What Are O-Rings? And How Do They Work?

Also known as a toric joint — in reference to its torus shape — an O-ring is a gasket with a circular-looped design that’s used to seal two working surfaces. The valve stems in automotive engines, for example, often use … Read More

What is an Aeronautical Beacon?

Ever notice colored flashing lights at the top of a tower structure at an airport or landmark? Or maybe wondered how a pilot knows the difference between airports and landmarks at night? The aeronautical beacon is one of the ways … Read More

What’s the Difference Between Hot-Chamber and Cold-Chamber Die Casting?

Commonly used in the manufacturing industry, die casting is a casting process that involves forcing molten metal through the cavity of a pre-shaped mold. Base metals such as zinc, aluminum, copper, magnesium and lead are first heated until they achieve … Read More

What to Consider When Choosing Casters?

Are you looking to purchase casters for your business? Featuring a rolling wheel housed inside a protective, swiveling frame, casters can turn stationary objects into mobile objects. After installing them on the bottom of a stationary object, you can roll … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Machine Turning Operations

Along with drilling and milling, turning is a common machining process used in the manufacturing industry. It involves the use of a tool bit to selectively cut away material from a rotating workpiece. The workpiece is placed inside a turning … Read More

6 Common Types of Rivets Used in the Manufacturing Industry

A rivet is a type of fastener that’s used in the permanent assembly of a product or workpiece. Featuring a bolt-like design, they are affixed with a head that’s wider than the shaft. When a rivet is driven into a … Read More