What Are O-Rings Made Of?

Also known as a toric joint, an O-ring is a gasket consisting of a circular, ring-shaped piece of material. Like other gaskets, it’s used to create a seal. When two parts are joined together, they may be fitted with an … Read More

An Introduction to Anti-Vibration Leveling Feet

Machines play an essential role in the manufacturing industry. Most manufacturing processes aren’t performed by hand. Rather, they performed using a machine. There are lathes, milling machines, planer machines, grinding machines and more, each of which is designed to perform … Read More

How to use fasteners with MDF

Medium-density fiberboard, an engineered material made through binding wood fibers and resin and intense application of heat and pressure, challenges do-it-yourself enthusiasts and professionals alike. MDF’s cost-effectiveness, smooth surface and density make it better than other materials in many ways. … Read More

Pros and Cons of Cold-Forming Metalworking

Not all metalworking processes involve welding or otherwise melting metal workpieces at high temperatures. There are cold-forming metalworking processes as well. Also known as cold-working, cold-forming is a group of metalworking processes that involve manipulating a metal workpiece’s shape at … Read More

What Is the ‘Reach Out’ of a Magnet?

Magnets are a vital tool for countless businesses. Manufacturing companies, for instance, use them to remove metal waste from workpieces, machines and the surrounding workspaces. A high-powered magnet will attract metal waste, making cleanup a breeze. Magnets can also be … Read More

What are the Different Types of Steel

The Four Types of Steel Steel is a combination of two elements, iron and carbon. Steel are broken is broken into four types and then in those types steel is broken down into grades. There are four main types of … Read More

Short History of Magnets

Magnets are right up there with casters, hinges, and Latches as something we use every day without noticing. Like those items the magnet is likely older than Humankinds ability to write about them. The Magnet of today is a direct … Read More