Employee Of The Month: Vicki Donnelly

Congratulations Vicki Donnelly on being Employee Of The Month for August 2021 NominationVicki main responsibility is processing and sending our shipments, but she has also stepped in to learn and help our quality/receiving department. She’s also become the master of … Read More

An Introduction to Inorganic Antimicrobial Coatings

You might not be able to see them, but germs are everywhere. Studies show that a typical desk surface contains over 10 million germs. Aside from cleaning surfaces, though, there are other ways to stop these microscopic invaders from spreading. … Read More

What Are Flat Springs and How Do They Work?

When most people think of springs, they envision pieces of coiled metal. There are extension springs and compression springs, both of which consist of a single piece of coiled metal. Extension springs simply create a pulling force from their respective … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Double-Ended Screws

Have you heard of double-ended screws? They feature a unique design compared to traditional screws. All screws have helical external threading. The presence of this external threading allows them to dig into workpieces and surfaces. While traditional screws only have … Read More

Did you know there’s a Fastener Quality Act

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the industry, including the passing of the Fastener Quality Act (FQA) of 1990. Amendments designed to clarify the rules and make it less burdensome were signed into law by President … Read More

All about washers, bolts, and nuts

No matter the project, it’s important to know all about bolts, nuts, and washers, so you choose the right fastener. Fasteners, Inc. in Denver can help you determine what length, gauge, shape, strength, and material that you will need for … Read More

A little info about Bolts

There are so many kinds of bolts, but Fasteners, Inc. can help you get to know your bolts and their many uses. Basically, a bolt is a small metal rod with threads and a head, and it uses a nut … Read More