6 Benefits of Aluminum Handwheels

Aluminum handwheel by Monroe

Handwheels make it easy to perform adjustments. You can use them for nearly any machine-related adjustment application that requires a turning force. While you can find them in different materials, however, you may want to choose an aluminum handwheel.

Aluminum handwheels are used for the same machine-related adjustment applications as other types of handwheels, but their aluminum construction makes them a popular choice.

#1) Durable

Aluminum handwheels are durable. You can turn them hundreds or even thousands of times without fear of damaging them. Most aluminum handwheels are made of cast aluminum. While not as strong as steel, cast aluminum is still a durable material that lasts a long time.

#2) Lightweight

If you’re tired of hauling around heavy handwheels, you may want to go with aluminum. Aluminum handwheels are lightweight. You can find them in different diameter sizes. The larger the diameter, the heavier the handwheel will be. But all aluminum handwheels are lightweight. They weigh less than steel handwheels, for instance.

#3) Supports a Handle

You can find aluminum handwheels with or without a handle. The photo above depicts an aluminum handwheel with a handle. The handle consists of a lever that’s perpendicular to the handwheel itself. Rather than turning the handwheel, you can turn the handle to which the handwheel is attached.

#4) Weather Resistant

Aluminum handwheels are weather resistant. Even when used outdoors or in other types of humid environments, they won’t rust. Aluminum is a rustproof metal. Aluminum may still corrode, but aluminum handwheels are typically powder coated to protect them from corrosion.

Powder-coated aluminum features a layer of hardened powder particles. The powder particles are blasted onto the aluminum surface. After hardening, they form a protective barrier that keeps the underlying aluminum dry.

#5) Available in Fold-Away Styles

If you prefer fold-away handwheels, you may want to choose an aluminum handwheel. They are available in fold-away styles. Fold-away handwheels are characterized by the use of a collapsable handle. Handles, of course, are mounted perpendicular to the handwheels with which they are used. Rather than allowing the handle to stick out, you can collapse it.

#6) Eco-Friendly

Aluminum handwheels are eco-friendly. As a metal, aluminum is 100% recyclable. It can be fully recycled over and over without losing any of its original mass. Because it’s 100% recyclable, aluminum is a sustainable, eco-friendly metal. If you’re conscious about the environment, you may want to choose an aluminum handwheel.

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