6 Things to Consider When Choosing Material Handling Cabinets

Material handling cabinet by Monroe

Material handling cabinets offer a convenient storage solution for the workplace. They are heavy-duty cabinets in which you can store tools and materials. When shopping for material handling cabinets, however, you should consider the six following things.

#1) Size

One of the most important things to consider is the size. Material handling cabinets are available in a variety of sizes. Some of them are taller and wider than others. Large material handling cabinets such as this will typically hold more materials than their smaller counterparts. th

#2) Mobile vs Stationary

Are you looking for a mobile or stationary material handling cabinet? Mobile material handling cabinets are characterized by their use of wheels. They feature wheels, such as a set of casters, on the bottom. With these wheels, you can roll and move mobile material handling cabinets. Stationary material handling cabinets, on the other hand, lack wheels.

#3) Door Type

Don’t forget to consider the door type when choosing a material handling cabinet. Some material handling cabinets have deep doors, whereas others have flush doors. Flush doors, of course, don’t stick out. This flush design makes them a popular choice for the workplace, as it minimizes the risk of bodily injury.

#4) Locking vs Non-Locking

Something else to consider when choosing a material handling cabinet is whether you want a locking or non-locking style. Locking styles feature a locking mechanism, such as a key lock. You can lock the door or doors on them to keep the contents safe. Non-locking styles don’t have a locking mechanism. They feature one or more doors that anyone can open without a key.

#5) Load Capacity

You can’t ignore the load capacity when choosing a material handling cabinet. It represents the total weight a given material handling capacity can support. Since they are designed for use in the workplace, material handling cabinets can typically support a lot of weight — but they still have a limit. The load capacity represents the total weight a material handling cabinet can support. Damage may occur if you exceed the load capacity.

#6) Shelf vs Bins

You should also consider whether a material handling cabinet has shelves or bins. Shelves are platforms on which you can place and store materials. Bins are basket-like containers in which you can place and store materials. Some material handling cabinets only have shelves. Other material handling cabinets have bins or a combination of both shelves and bins.

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