6 Common Types of Leveling Feet You Need to Know

Leveling feet by Monroe

Leveling feet are commonly used on machines, equipment and furniture. Also known as leveling mounts, they are adjustable pads. You can mount them on the bottom of machines, equipment and furniture. When properly adjusted, they will level the object on which they are mounted. There are many different types of leveling feet, however, some of which include the following.

#1) Tapped

Tapped leveling feet are characterized by the presence of a threaded hole. They feature a padded base. At the top of the padded base is a threaded hole. Tapped leveling feet such as this are designed for use on objects with bolts or other threaded rods on the bottom.

#2) Stud

Stud leveling feet feature a threaded stud rather than a threaded hole. They still have a padded base. At the top of the padded base, though, is a threaded stud. You can twist the threaded stud into a threaded hole on the bottom of the object.

Most leveling feet are classified as either tapped or stud depending on how they are mounted. Tapped leveling feet are mounted with a threaded hole, whereas stud leveling feet are mounted with a threaded stud.

#3) Non-Skid

If you’re planning to use them on a smooth surface, such as hardwood floors, you may want to choose non-skid leveling feet. As the name suggests, non-skid leveling feet are designed to prevent skidding or slippage. They typically feature a textured base that increases traction with the surface on which they are used.

#4) Swivel

There are also swivel leveling feet. Available in tapped and stud styles, swivel leveling feet are distinguished from other leveling feet by their ability to swivel. They can move and swivel in all directions — typically by about 10 degrees.

#5) Anti-Vibration

Anti-vibration leveling feet are designed to withstand vibrations. Machines and equipment, of course, may vibrate during use. Vibrations can expose them to premature wear and tear while potentially shortening their lifespan as a result. Anti-vibration leveling feet can both level machines and equipment, and they can absorb the vibrations produced by machines and equipment.

#6) Glide

Glide leveling feet, also known simply as adjustable glides, are leveling feet with a smooth bottom. They are known as “adjustable glides” because they can glide on the floor. Adjustable glides are commonly used on the bottom of furniture. When placed on the bottom of furniture, you can easily move the furniture by pushing and gliding it on the floor.

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