6 Surprising Facts About Titanium

Featuring the atomic number 22, titanium is a refractory metal that’s used extensively in the aerospace and manufacturing industries. Its strong and lightweight properties make it ideal for aerospace and manufacturing applications. Even if you’ve heard of titanium, though, there … Read More

How Locking Wire Is Used to Secure Fasteners

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Comparing the Different Types of Nuts (Fasteners)

Consisting of a doughnut-shaped threaded hole, nuts are one of the most commonly used fasteners on the planet. They are typically used in conjunction with a bolt to secure two or more objects together. The bolt is placed through a … Read More

The 4 Steps of High-Pressure Die Casting

Also known as traditional die casting, high-pressure die casting is a metal casting process that involves injecting molten metal — steel, zinc, copper, aluminum, lead, magnesium, etc. — into a three-dimensional mold. The base metal is heated until it achieves … Read More

Understanding Airplane Stalls

There are some key differences to understanding the difference between a stall in your car and a stall in an airplane. When your car stalls, it slows until it comes to a complete stop. When an airplane stalls, it stops … Read More

Who Invented The Rivet? A “Riveting” Bit Of Aviation History.

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Check! How The Checklist was Born.

No airplane flies today without the pilots following a detailed checklist for almost every part of the flight from engine start to engine stop. There is just too much for a pilot to remember. In early aviation, flying was simple … Read More