7 Common Types of Specialty Pull Handles

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Choosing the right type of pull handle is important. All pull handles are used for pulling applications. You can mount them on a door, cabinet or surface, after which you can use the pull handles to open the object with which they are used. Specialty pull handles, however, feature characteristics that distinguish them from generic pull handles.

#1) Wire

Wire pull handles are characterized by a metal wire construction. They are typically thin and lightweight. They have a similar design as other pull handles, but wire pull handles are made of metal wire. Other types of pull handles are typically solid. Wire pull handles, conversely, are usually either hollow or open because they are made of metal wire.

#2) Oval

As the name suggests, oval pull handles feature an oval shape. Most pull handles feature a rectangular shape, resulting in sharp sides. Oval pull handles, though, feature an oval shape that manifests in the form of smoother and less pronounced sides.

#3) Thermoplastic

There are thermoplastic pull handles available. Thermoplastic is a type of specialty pull handle that features a reinforced thermoplastic finish. They are still made mostly of metal, such as stainless steel or aluminum. But thermoplastic pull handles have a surface finish consisting of a reinforced thermoplastic material.

#4) Cabinet

If you’re planning to install them on cabinets, you may want to choose cabinet pull handles. Cabinet pull handles are designed specifically for cabinets. You can find them in different colors. Popular colors for cabinet pull handles include black, red, silver and blue. Regardless, cabinet pull handles are designed for cabinets.

#5) Bridge

Another type of specialty pull handle is bridge. They are used for the same purpose of pulling open a door or object as all other pull handles. Bridge pull handles simply feature a bridge-like shape. They consist of a curved, U-shaped handle that looks like a typical bridge.

#6) Tubular

You may come across tubular pull handles when shopping for specialty pull handles. Tubular pull handles receive their namesake from their tube-like design. Their tubular shape provides a comfortable grip while also making them easy to clean and maintain.

#7) Antimicrobial

Finally, there are antimicrobial pull handles. They are commonly used in hospitals and other medical facilities. Antimicrobial pull handles are designed to reduce the transmission of microbes, including viruses. They are made of a specific germ-inhibiting material, making them a popular choice in the healthcare industry.

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