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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Folding Pull Handles

Folding pull handles offer a convenient, space-saving alternative to traditional pull handles. They are characterized by their ability to fold. After using a folding pull handle, you can fold it down to conserve space. Some folding pull handles feature hinges, … Read More

Exploring the Mounting Options for Pull Handles

If you’re thinking about buying a pull handle, you might be wondering how to mount it. Pull handles are available in a wide variety of materials, sizes and styles. All of them, however, require mounting. They are designed for use … Read More

How to Choose a Weld-On Pull Handle

Not all pull handles require fasteners to install. While some of them do, in fact, require threaded fasteners like bolts to install, others require welding. Known as weld-on pull handles, they look like most other pull handles. The only difference … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Folding Pull Handles

Not all pull handles are the same. While some of them are fixed, others can be folded. Known as folding pull handles, they are commonly used in commercial environments where they offer a convenient, space-saving alternative to fixed pull handles. … Read More

7 Common Types of Specialty Pull Handles

Choosing the right type of pull handle is important. All pull handles are used for pulling applications. You can mount them on a door, cabinet or surface, after which you can use the pull handles to open the object with … Read More

Pull Handles With Mounting Plates: What You Should Know

Pull handles are available in different styles. There are weld-on pull handles, for instance, and there are pull handles with mounting plates. They both feature a handle that you can grip and pull, but they use different method methods. What … Read More

5 Reasons to Choose Recessed Pull Handles

Pull handles are available in different styles. While some of them feature a protruding handle, others feature a recessed handle. Known as recessed pull handles, you can use them to open doors, cabinets and drawers. Recessed pull handles simply “recede” … Read More