Exploring the Mounting Options for Pull Handles

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If you’re thinking about buying a pull handle, you might be wondering how to mount it. Pull handles are available in a wide variety of materials, sizes and styles. All of them, however, require mounting. They are designed for use on other objects. Only after mounting a pull handle on an object will you be able to pull it. Below are some of the most common mounting options for pull handles.

Threaded Holes

Perhaps the most common mounting option for pull handles is threaded holes. You may find a single threaded hole on each end of the two ends. Threaded holes such as these are designed to accommodate a screw. You can mount them by fastening a screw through each hole into the pull handle. Mounting hardware is typically included.

Unthreaded Holes

While some pull handles have threaded holes, others have unthreaded holes. They look like their counterparts with threaded holes. The difference is that pull handles with unthreaded holes feature smooth holes. Using a slightly larger drill bit, you can enlarge these holes, after which you can mount the pull handles with a set of screws.

Threaded Studs

Pull handles are available with threaded studs as well. Rather than holes on the ends, they feature bolt-like threaded studs. Pull handles with threaded studs require nothing more than a set of hex nuts to mount. After placing the threaded studs through a set of holes — the holes should be on the object where you want to mount the pull handle — you can fasten a set of hex nuts on the the ends. The hex nuts will secure the pull handle in place while simultaneously preventing it from slipping or falling off the object.

Mounting Plate

There are also pull handles with mounting plates. Mounting plates are exactly what they sound like: flat metal plates that are used to mount pull handles on objects. Mounting plates feature threaded holes. If a pull handle has a mounting plate, you can plate it directly against the object. Once in place, you can then drive a set of screws through the mounting plate’s premade holes and into the object.

Heads Up: Check the Mounting Hole to Hole Measurement

When shopping for a pull handle, you should check the mounting hole to hole or measurement. It represents the distance between a pull handle’s two mounting holes or threaded studs.

With the exception of threaded with mounting plates, most pull handles have a mounting hole to hole measurement. You can refer to this measurement to better understand its mounting requirements.

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