How to Choose a Weld-On Pull Handle

Weld-on pull handle by Monroe

Not all pull handles require fasteners to install. While some of them do, in fact, require threaded fasteners like bolts to install, others require welding.

Known as weld-on pull handles, they look like most other pull handles. The only difference is that weld-on pull handles don’t have any “through holes” for fasteners. Instead, weld-on pull handles have flat and smooth ends that you can weld onto doors, cabinets and other surfaces. How do you choose a weld-on pull handle exactly?


While they are all designed to be welded onto a surface, weld-on pull handles are available in different shapes. Some of them have a round grip, for instance, whereas others have a fatter and shorter oval grip shape.


You can also find weld-on pull handles made of different materials. Because they are designed to be welded onto a surface, they are all made of metal or an alloy. Fastener-installed pull handles, in comparison, are available in metal, alloy and plastic materials. But you can still find weld-on pull handles in different types of metals and alloys.

Steel is a popular in which weld-on pull handles are made. There are 304 stainless steel pull handles. An alloy of iron and chromium, it’s one of the most common types of austenitic stainless steel on the market. 304 stainless steel pull handles are strong, durable and offer a high level of protection against rust and corrosion.


How long is the weld-on pull handle? Pull handles, of course, are typically used to open surfaces, such as doors or cabinets — and weld-on pull handles are no exception. You can weld them onto a surface, after which you can grab and pull them to open the surface.

If a weld-on pull handle is too long, it may not fit on the surface. If a weld-on pull handle is too short, conversely, it may not cover enough of the surface. You can refer to the “overall length” when choosing a weld-on pull handle to ensure that it’s the right size for the surface with which you intend to use it.


In addition to the length, you should consider the projection when choosing a weld-on pull handle. Projection is a measurement that represents how far a weld-on pull handle extends or “projects” out from the surface.

Weld-on pull handles are often used in workplaces. If the projection is too high, the weld-on pull handle will take up a lot of space. More importantly perhaps, it will protrude far out of the surface while potentially creating a safety hazard for workers.

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