The Beginner’s Guide to Folding Pull Handles

Folding pull handle

Not all pull handles are the same. While some of them are fixed, others can be folded. Known as folding pull handles, they are commonly used in commercial environments where they offer a convenient, space-saving alternative to fixed pull handles.

What Are Folding Pull Handles?

Folding pull handles are exactly what they sound like: handles that can be folded. They offer a secure grip for pulling. What distinguishes them from other types of pull handles, however, is their foldable design.

How Folding Pull Handles Work

When you aren’t using a folding pull handle, you can fold it to conserve space. Folding pull handles are defined by their foldable design. This allows the handle to lie flat against the wall or surface when not in use.

Some folding pull handles can fold down, whereas others can fold up. Regardless, they can all be folded. Folding pull handles feature some type of mechanism, such as spring-loaded detents, that allow them to be folded.

Benefits of Folding Pull Handles

Why should you choose a folding pull handle over a conventional and fixed pull handle? Folding pull handles are versatile. You can install them on a variety of objects and surfaces, such as doors, walls, drawers, cabinets, toolboxes, machinery and more.

Folding pull handles conserve space. Depending on the particular style, you can typically fold them so that they remain flush with the object on which they are installed.

You can find folding pull handles in a variety of materials. Some of them are made of stainless steel, whereas others are made of high-carbon steel. There are also aluminum folding pull handles, which are lightweight and weather resistant.

Another benefit of folding pull handles is safety. Workers are less likely to injure themselves by bumping into folding pull handles. This is because folding pull handles don’t protrude out. After using a folding pull handle, you can fold it up or down. Once flush with the object, the folding pull handle will no longer protrude out, thus minimizing the risk of injury to nearby workers.

Folding pull handles are easy to install. They are available with studs or through holes. The through holes may be threaded or unthreaded. Whether it’s a stud style or through-hole style, though, all folding pull handles are quick and easy to install.

In Conclusion

Folding pull handles may look like most other pull handles, but they are distinguished by their foldable design. You can fold them to conserve space and promote a safer working environment.

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