Infographic Reveals Top US Manufacturing Focus by State

grinder-2175150_960_72011Manufacturing is one of the most important sectors in the United States. As of March 2017, more than 12.4 million people work in the manufacturing industry, which is responsible for generating some $1.9 trillion in gross domestic product (GDP). But there’s a great deal of misinformation circulating about American manufacturing. In effort to clear up some of the confusion, Bid-On-Equipment has published an infographic revealing the top manufacturing focuses by state.

While all 50 states engage in manufacturing to some degree, each state has its own specific focus. This infographic is designed to break down the manufacturing sector by state, revealing which specific sector or segment the states focus on. Whether you work in the manufacturing industry, or if you’re simply looking to learn more about this critical element of our country’s infrastructure and economy, you should check out this infographic. It provides a detailed and in-depth analysis of the U.S. manufacturing industry, revealing each state’s industrial strength.

You click on the aforementioned link to see a breakdown of each states’ manufacturing focus. In Georgia and North Carolina (among others), for instance, the manufacturing focus is animal processing.  In Florida and Utah, it’s medical equipment and supplies. In Texas and Oklahoma, the manufacturing focus is agriculture, construction and mining machinery.

The infographic further reveals the top manufacturing operations by employment numbers. Not surprisingly, Michigan’s automotive parts manufacturing employs the most workers, with some 121,832 Americans working in the field.  Washington’s aerospace products and parts comes in second, employing 93,816 workers. And California’s semiconductor and electronic components industry employs the third most workers at 84,784.

Other reports indicate that the largest manufacturing sectors in the Unites States, by revenue, are petroleum, steel, automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, food processing, consumer goods, electronics, lumber and mining. Based on industrial output, perhaps the largest of these sectors is aerospace. The United States leads the way in aerospace, thanks in part to companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Cessna.

The trade relationship between the United States and Mexico is believed to play a key role in the manufacturing industry. Other statistics show that roughly 40% of the value of the U.S. imports from Mexico is produced in the United States. For Canada, the number is only 25%. And for China, it’s only 4%. Therefore, market analysts stress the importance of maintaining a strong trade relationship with other countries, particularly Mexico.

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