A Crash Course on Cube Connectors: What You Should Know

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If you’re looking to join aluminum profiles, you may want to use cube connectors. They are simple, easy-to-use fasteners that are designed specifically for aluminum profiles. Here’s everything you need to know about cube connectors.

What Are Cube Connectors?

Cube connectors are cube-shaped fasteners that are designed to connect multiple pieces of aluminum extrusion at 90-degree angles. They aren’t the same as traditional bracket connectors. While bracket connectors can only connect two pieces of aluminum extrusion cube connectors can connect up to three pieces of aluminum extrusion.

How Cube Connectors Work

Unless you’ve used them with aluminum profiles in the past, you might be wondering how cube connectors work. Cube connectors work in conjunction with screws or “lugs.” The lugs protrude out of the cube’s holes, joining an adjacent aluminum profile.

Aluminum profiles feature grooves. Some of them feature T-shaped grooves, whereas others feature V-shaped grooves. Regardless, there are connectors available for these groove types. Cube connectors, for instance, work by joining aluminum profiles with lugs. You can tap the lugs in the grooves of two or more aluminum profiles to join them at right angles.

Benefits of Cube Connectors

One of the main benefits of cube connectors is their versatility. You can use them to join up to three aluminum profiles at 90-degree angles. Other types of connectors typically only support two aluminum profiles.

Cube connectors come with caps to cover the holes. You don’t have to worry about the lug holes being exposed. After joining the aluminum profiles, you can place the caps over the lug holes. The end result is a cleaner installation that most business owners prefer.

Modularity is another benefit of cube connectors. They allow you to modify product assemblies as needed without completely dismantling or reconstructing them.

Don’t let their small size fool you into thinking they are weak. They are incredibly strong. Some of them have a locking force of 6 N. Other cube connectors have a locking force of up to 10 N. With their aluminum alloy construction, cube connectors are strong, durable extrusion connectors.

In Conclusion

Connectors for aluminum profiles come in different styles. There are bracket connectors that feature an L-shaped design, and there are cube connectors that feature a cube-shaped design. Some of the benefits of cube connectors include support for up to three aluminum profiles, lug hole covers, modularity and an ultra-strong locking force.

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