An Introduction to Lifting Tables

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Designing an ergonomic workplace requires careful consideration of the equipment All workplaces have equipment. Some types of equipment, though, are more ergonomic than others.

A lifting table, for instance, is a type of ergonomic equipment that’s commonly found in workplaces. It allows workers to easily and effortlessly lift objects. For a better understanding of lifting tables and the benefits they offer, keep reading.

What Is a Lifting Table?

A lifting table is a device that’s used to raise and lift objects on a flat platform. It features a flat platform that’s attached to an X-shaped scissors mechanism. You can place objects on the flat platform, after which you can engage the scissors mechanism. Engaging the scissor mechanism will lift the flat platform to which it’s attached.

How Lifting Tables Work

Lifting tables use a simple method of operation. The bottom of the scissors mechanism is secured to a set of tracks at the bottom of the lifting table. The top part of the scissors mechanism, on the other hand, is secured to the underside of the lifting table.

In their default lowered position, the bottom of the scissors mechanism is fully extended on the tracks. Engaging the lifting control will force the scissors mechanism to come together on these tracks. As the bottom of the scissors mechanism come together, the top of the scissors mechanism will extend farther apart, thereby raising the flat platform.

Benefits of Using a Lifting Table

Why should use a lifting table? They offer an easy and efficient way to lift objects in the workplace. Manually lifting objects can be difficult. If an object is too heavy or features an awkward shape, you may struggle to lift it. Fortunately, you don’t have to manually lift objects; you can use a lifting table.

Lifting tables can lower the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Poor ergonomics is a risk factor for MSDs. Lifting tables are ergonomic because they eliminate the need to manually lift objects. By using a lifting table, you’ll be less likely to experience MSDs, including back pain.

There are also lifting tables that are designed specifically for pallets. Known as lifting skids, they don’t feature the same flat platform as traditional lifting tables. They still have a scissors mechanism. Lifting skids, though, feature a pair of long arms rather than a flat platform. If you’re planning to use it with pallets, you may want to choose a lifting skid.

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