Articulating Leveling Feet: Everything You Need to Know

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Leveling feet are available in different styles. While they are all designed to support and stabilize the equipment with which they are used, some of them offer additional features. There are articulating leveling feet, for instance, that offer articulation. Rather than choosing a set of traditional leveling feet, you may want to opt for articulating leveling feet. Here’s everything you need to know about articulating leveling feet.

What Are Articulating Leveling Feet?

Also known as toggle pads, articulating leveling feet are characterized by an articulating swivel. Like all leveling feet, they are used to level unstable equipment. If a piece of equipment is tilting to the side, you can use leveling feet to level it.

Installing a set of leveling feet on the bottom of the piece of equipment, followed by adjusting the height of the leveling feet, will stabilize it. Articulating leveling feet simply feature an articulating swivel that allows for articulation.

Understanding the Articulating Swivel

Traditional leveling feet are typically fixed in a vertical, upright position. They don’t feature an articulating swivel, so they can’t swivel to the sides.

Only articulating leveling feet feature an articulating swivel. Located at the base, the articulating swivel allows them to swivel to the sides. Articulating swivel feet can swivel within a limited range of motion, such as 10 degrees.

Why Choose Articulating Leveling Feet

With their articulating swivel, articulating level feet can absorb vibrations. Industrial machines and equipment often produce vibrations. Articulating leveling feet, however, can absorb these vibrations. They will move slightly with the machines or equipment.

Articulating leveling feet are strong. Some of them feature a rugged steel construction. For added protection against corrosion, they may feature a finish as well, such as a black oxide finish.

Articulating leveling feet are self-aligning. As they swivel to the sides, they will align with the machines or equipment pieces with which they are used. Traditional leveling feet, in comparison, typically aren’t self-aligning. You can still use them to level unstable machines or equipment, but they don’t offer self-alignment.

To evenly distribute the load of a machine or piece of equipment, look no further than articulating leveling feet. As long you long as you install them on all four corners of the machine or piece of equipment, they will distribute its load.

In Conclusion

Articulating leveling feet offer more than just leveling; they live up to their namesake by offering articulating as well. They feature an articulating swivel that swivels to the sides.

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