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  • The Beginner’s Guide to Compression Molding

    The Beginner’s Guide to Compression Molding0

    Compression molding is a molding process that’s characterized by the use of a heated mold that’s exposed to pressure. Like other molding processes, it involves placing a material, typically plastic or a similar polymer, in a mold cavity. After the material has hardened, it’s removed from the mold cavity. Compression molding is unique, however, because

  • 5 Interesting Facts About Lathe Machines

    5 Interesting Facts About Lathe Machines0

    A lathe is a turning machine used to perform a variety of machining operations, including cutting, knurling, facing and drilling. The workpiece is secured inside the lathe, at which point it’s exposed to a rotating tool bit. As the tool bit presses into and rotates against the workpiece, it removes some of the workpiece’s material

  • What is Contract Manufacturing?

    What is Contract Manufacturing?0

    One of the most misunderstood segments of manufacturing involves the use of a third-party to manage the relationship between an end user and the folks who actually make the parts. With the advent of the world market, realizing lowest manufacturing cost of goods for resale has taken on a number of challenges, not the least

  • Top 10 Failures in Manufacturing

    Top 10 Failures in Manufacturing1

    If you are looking for a list of spectacular manufacturing failures, where products fail to perform as intended, that is not this story (although I would bet at least one of these listed failures happened in every one of those spectacular mistakes). Rather, these are walk around rules for people who might find themselves on

  • Brazing vs Welding: Comparing These 2 Common Joining Processes

    Brazing vs Welding: Comparing These 2 Common Joining Processes0

    Welding and brazing are two of the most common metal-joining processes used in the manufacturing industry. When fasteners aren’t viable, manufacturers often use one of these techniques to join two metal surfaces together. But while brazing and welding both allow for the permanent joining of two metal surfaces, they work in different ways. Below is

  • How Construction Companies Use Prefabrication to Streamline Projects

    How Construction Companies Use Prefabrication to Streamline Projects0

    Not all construction companies build their houses and buildings onsite. In recent years, many have begun building and assembling components in a factory or warehouse, which they transport to the job site. Known as prefabrication or modular construction, it’s a trend that’s expected to reshape the construction industry by streamlining projects. Prefabrication: The Basics With

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