What Is Knurling? Here’s What You Should Know

In manufacturing, knurling is a finishing process used to create any combination of horizontal, vertical or crossing lines on the surface of a workpiece. For example, if a manufacturing company wants to add a diamond-patterned texture to a product — … Read More

5 Fast Facts About Calendaring

When most people hear the word “calendar,” they immediately envision a dated calendar featuring the months and days of the year. However, a calendar can also refer to a material-finishing machine used for calendaring. With calendaring, materials such as plastic, … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Metal Stamping

Not to be confused with metal fabrication, metal stamping is a metalworking process that involves the use of an industrial machine to deform a flat sheet of metal into a specific shape. Using pressure, the machine compresses the sheet metal … Read More

What is Contract Manufacturing?

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Top 10 Failures in Manufacturing

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Brazing vs Welding: Comparing These 2 Common Joining Processes

Welding and brazing are two of the most common metal-joining processes used in the manufacturing industry. When fasteners aren’t viable, manufacturers often use one of these techniques to join two metal surfaces together. But while brazing and welding both allow … Read More

How Construction Companies Use Prefabrication to Streamline Projects

Not all construction companies build their houses and buildings onsite. In recent years, many have begun building and assembling components in a factory or warehouse, which they transport to the job site. Known as prefabrication or modular construction, it’s a … Read More