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  • Die Cutting: A Crash Course on This Fabrication Process

    Die Cutting: A Crash Course on This Fabrication Process0

    Die cutting is a manufacturing-related fabrication process that involves the use of a machine to manipulate the size and shape of stock materials. It’s called “die cutting” because it requires the use of a die. The stock material, such as sheet metal, is compressed against a die using a punch. As the stock material is

  • What Is Chrome Plating?

    What Is Chrome Plating?0

    Also known as chromium plating, chrome plating is a finishing process that involves the application of chromium onto the surface of a metal workpiece or object. From wheels to doorknobs and cutlery and vases, it’s used for in a variety of manufacturing applications The Basics of Chrome Plating How does chrome plating work exactly? It’s

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Honing

    The Beginner’s Guide to Honing0

    Have you heard of honing? It’s a machining process used in the manufacturing industry that’s used to improve the texture of a workpiece’s surface. From automotive engines and airplane components to knives and gears, honing is used in a wide range of manufacturing applications. What Is Honing? Not to be confused with lapping, honing is

  • The 5 Types of Fusion Welding

    The 5 Types of Fusion Welding0

    Have you heard of fusion welding? Like other welding processes, it’s used to join two or more objects using heat. Fusion welding is unique, however, because of its ability to “fuse” the respective objects. Assuming the objects are made of the same or similar materials, the heat produced by a welding rig will melt their

  • What Is Hot-Rolled Steel?

    What Is Hot-Rolled Steel?0

    Found in everything from silverware and household appliances to electronics, building frames, automobiles and more, steel is one of the world’s most important materials. Classified as an iron alloy, it’s both strong and lightweight. There are different ways to make steel, however, one of which is hot rolling. Hot-Rolled Steel Explained As the name suggests,

  • Iron vs Steel: What’s the Difference?

    Iron vs Steel: What’s the Difference?0

    Steel and iron are two of the most common materials used in the manufacturing industry. They are used to make a wide range of products and components. While iron and steel look similar, though, they are two unique materials with their own respective characteristics and qualities. What Is Iron? Iron is a lustrous and ductile

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