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  • 5 Fast Facts About Plasma Arc Welding

    5 Fast Facts About Plasma Arc Welding0

    While shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) is the most common type of welding process, there are other welding processes available, including plasma arc. As the name suggests, it involves the use of a plasma-based welding torch. Plasma arc welding still relies on an electric arc, which is created between an electrode, but it incorporates plasma

  • Why Steel Is Used to Make Permanent Magnets

    Why Steel Is Used to Make Permanent Magnets0

    With a tensile strength that’s roughly 1,000 times stronger than iron, steel has become one of the world’s most important metals. It’s used to make everything from bridges and automobiles to nuts, bolts and even gardening tools. Unbeknownst to many people, however, steel is also a key ingredient in the construction of permanent magnets. Being

  • The 4 Types of Cast Iron

    The 4 Types of Cast Iron0

    Consisting of iron with more than 2% carbon, cast iron is a versatile metal that’s used in a wide range of consumer and commercial applications. It’s been around since the 5th century B.C., during which cast iron was used to make weapons as well as agriculture products. Since then, it’s become an increasingly common type

  • An Overview of Cryogenic Hardening for Metal

    An Overview of Cryogenic Hardening for Metal0

    Metals like steel, iron, copper and aluminum are often heat treated to improve their physical properties. When metal is exposed to heat, it undergoes a chemical reaction in which its atoms expand. Normally, heat treatment is performed in conjunction with cooling. After the metal has been heated, it’s rapidly cooled to achieve more desirable properties

  • 6 Common Sheet Metal Forming Process

    6 Common Sheet Metal Forming Process0

    Consisting of thin and flat pieces of metal — typically steel or aluminum — sheet metal plays an important role in the construction and manufacturing industries. In the construction industry, it’s used as panels for buildings and houses. In the manufacturing industry, sheet metal is used for automobile components, heavy machinery, floors and more. When

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Rolling in Metalworking

    A Beginner’s Guide to Rolling in Metalworking0

    Over the past 50 years, global production of steel has increased by over 300%, jumping from just 500 million tons during the 1960s to over 1,600 million tons in 2016. Steel, of course, is just one of many metals produced and sold. Others include titanium, copper, brass, aluminum and more. While the exact process used

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