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  • Why Water Pipes Are Often Made of Copper

    Why Water Pipes Are Often Made of Copper0

    Copper isn’t used strictly in the production of electrical wires. While its highly conductive properties make it ideal for electrical applications, copper is also frequently used to make water pipes. In residential homes, commercial buildings and municipality water systems, copper water pipes are common. Upon reading this, though, you might be wondering why copper is

  • How Dies Are Used in the Manufacturing Industry

    How Dies Are Used in the Manufacturing Industry0

    Dies are an essential tool used in the manufacturing industry. They work like molds to create objects in custom and often complex shapes. From small fasteners and tool bits to large automotive components and machine parts, dies are used to create a variety of products. So, what is a die exactly, and do manufacturing companies

  • What Is Electropolishing?

    What Is Electropolishing?0

    It’s not uncommon for metal objects to feature a chemically treated surface. Electropolishing is one such process that uses both chemicals as well as electricity to treat the surface of metal objects. Also known as anodic or electrolytic polishing, it’s used by manufacturers to create a smooth surface on metal objects. Unless you’re familiar with

  • An Overview of the Metal Fabrication Process Shearing

    An Overview of the Metal Fabrication Process Shearing0

    Shearing is a metal fabrication process that’s used to trim and remove unwanted material from sheet metal. It involves the use of a machine or tool, such as a bench shear, to slice through sheet metal with extreme precision. Shearing doesn’t require the use of heat — sheet metal is typically sheared while cold or

  • What Is Drawing in Metalworking?

    What Is Drawing in Metalworking?0

    Drawing is a common metalworking process performed by manufacturing companies. It’s able to extend the length of metal by pulling and stretching the metal. It’s called “drawing” because the machine “draws” the metal towards it. As the metal stretches, it becomes longer and thinner. Once the desired shape has been achieved, the metal is removed

  • 6 Surprising Facts About Arc Welding

    6 Surprising Facts About Arc Welding0

    Welding is a metalworking process involving the use of heat to join two or more metal objects. As heat is applied to the metal objects, the surface of the objects begins to melt. When the molten surface cools, it hardens while binding the objects in the process. But while some welding processes a flame to

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