Don’t over tighten your fasteners

Overdriving fasteners can affect their overall capacity. There are a few ways that you can avoid fastener overdriving from happening.

  • Drill plot holes

Plot holes are holes for driving fasteners. They are small in diameter and keep the fasteners from overdriving.

  • Determine the slip clutch setting

If the slip clutch setting matches the amount of torque needed for driving the fastener. If they don’t match, then overdriving can occur. It is also important to remember that the slip clutch setting is different for softwoods than it is for hardwoods or metal.

  • Choose self-centering bits

Self-centering bits help you to precisely drill slots. When slots weren’t appropriately drilled and holes are misaligned, this results in overdriving.

Finally, keep practicing all the above steps until you get them right. And if you have any questions about fasteners, contact the experts at Fasteners Inc. today!

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