Fastener mistakes to watch out for

Whether you’re on a construction site or at home, making mistakes with your fasteners can come with serious problems. Learn about the most common fastener mistakes and avoid jeopardizing your project.

Using the wrong tool to fasten it

When you choose a fastener, consider the type of tool you need to fasten it with. For instance, you might need an impact driver instead of an impact-style screw gun.

Using the wrong bit

If you don’t use the right bit for your fastener and tool, you won’t get the job done the proper way. The wrong bit could damage the fastener and make your job more difficult than it needs to be.

Using the wrong fastener

One of the most common mistakes is using the wrong fastener. This means knowing your substrate material and the type of fastener that will work best with it. Don’t be tempted to use fasteners left over from another project if they are not ideal for your current project. When you shop at a reputable fastener supply house in Denver, you can get the right fastener for the job. Contact Fasteners, Inc today and learn more.

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