Fasteners 101: Decorative nails

Decorative nails aren’t commonly thought of as a fastener by many people even though their primary purpose is to fasten together materials. These nails are also commonly known as upholstery nails or tacks. Consider the following:

  • Decorative nails traditionally help professional and do-it-yourself furniture builders to attach upholstery and padding to underlying framework on furniture. They’re sometimes used to hide finishing nails in scenarios when shorter tacks aren’t strong enough to hold together the materials.
  • Upholstery tacks are also commonly used in non-furniture projects to fasten one or more pieces of material, usually fabric, canvas, or leather, to an item that will eventually be used in a decorative way, such as to affix a painting canvas to a frame or leather to a board for wall art.
  • Lastly, wide- and small-head decorative nails in a variety of colors and lengths are used to embellish furniture and non-furniture items with designs, such as ottomans, tables, bookcases, frames, drawer fronts, tapestry bars, photo albums, and even ceilings.

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