Fasteners for Home Decoration and Repair

screws Fasteners Inc DenverToday, Fasteners Inc. in Denver discusses common fasteners for home decoration and repair. As an industry leader, we carry a massive inventory of the best fasteners available, and we have the insight you need to determine the best fasteners for all those jobs around your home or for your next project.

So, let’s get to it and next time you are getting ready to put up those paintings and wall hangings, you you will be prepared with the right information for a successful process.

Wall Anchor

First, you’ll need to determine what type of wall material you have. Typically, sheetrock is the material of choice for newer homes. If you’re going to hang something small, only a few ounces in weight or about 8” x 10” and less, you will merely need a nail driven at an upward angle and you should be all set.

For more substantial items that weigh more and are larger in size, you will likely need to use a screw in tandem with wall anchor to give it enough support to hang without danger of falling. These fasteners for home decoration and repair require you to first drill a pilot hole. Then you place the anchor in the wall and drive the screw into it. The wall anchor will grip, expand and hold firm.

Toggle Bolt

Similar to a wall anchor, a pilot hole is first created to install a toggle bolt. However, there is a spring inside which opens up as soon as it extends into the wall cavity, creating a grappling hook effect.

Wall Driller

Without the need for a pilot hole driven first, a wall driller is driven into the wall. You can drive a screw through it like the wall anchor or place a hanger over the head of this versatile fastener.


When drilling pilot holes for screws, be sure to use the shank diameter, not the thread diameter as your measure for what size drill bit to use. When pre-drilling pilot holes for bolts, however, use the threads as the indicator of size. It can even be slightly larger than the threads. Be sure to drill completely through.

Screws vs. Nails and Brads

Beyond fasteners for home decoration and repair inside, there are a wider variety of nails than screws for exterior projects and purposes. For this, it is helpful to know what to look for to accomplish whatever task you might have at hand.

Whether you are looking for the right fasteners for repairing outdoor furniture, decking, siding, roofing, fencing, and more, screws offer increased holding power over nails. However, nails and brads are a good choice for basic construction, especially when using adhesives. In an outdoor setting, using galvanized and stainless nails and brads is the way to go as they’re well-suited for all types of weather.

Screws are ideal to use when force is applied in many directions, such as a joint on a bookshelf. The threads on a screw are designed to grip the wood and make the joint much sturdier than it would be without it. You can think of a screw as biting into the wood and not letting go. When you’re building or repairing a bookcase, you can use only nails and glue, but the results will not be as reliable. Weight and pressure can cause nail holes to distend and eventually, the nail will come loose even with the glue as backup. To increase the security of the piece, include screws into the process for best results.

Nails vs. Brads

Identify brads and finishing nails by their much smaller heads over a nail´s wider head surface. These are great for attaching trim, baseboards, crown molding, putting furniture together and more. As the head is driven into the wood, typically with a nail gun, it naturally lands somewhat below the surface of the wood. You can then use a wood filler and paint to completely cover the head for a seamless finish.

Deck Screws vs. Lag Screws

Also on the list of fasteners for home decoration and repair is the almighty deck screw. It is versatile and helpful for a wide variety of tasks. As its name infers, it is the best bet for any deck building or repair projects. It is coated with a corrosion resistant product and does not often get stripped. Fortunately, they are less expensive than stainless steel and come in a wide range of sizes from 1 ¼”-3”.

Lag screws are built for heavy-duty use and come in stainless or galvanized. Use when working with large and dimensional lumber like 4x4s. Lag screws are great for putting together treehouses, swing sets, arbors, pergolas, and providing additional deck support.

Other Bolts

If you plan to disassemble a project or are building a heavy-duty contraption, using bolts including Phillips oval-head, carriage, and hex-head bolts may be your best bet. They offer incredible holding power and are sized by the diameter and the length in inches. These fasteners for home decoration and repair are not used that often, but if you’re handy, you might find use for them.

Fastener Length

Determining what length of fastener to use all depends on what you are working on. If you are joining two boards together, drive the fastener at least halfway into the board but not entirely through it, for best results. When joining at a right angle, the fastener should be at least twice the thickness of the material used. Here’s a quick example of this: use a fastener at least 1 ½” long to join two ¾” boards.

With the right information about fasteners for home decoration and repair, you will be able to complete your projects right the first time around. At Fasteners Inc., we’re here to help, and our customer service is exceptional! We aim to provide all of our customers with the high-quality fasteners they need for their upcoming home decoration projects. Contact us today to learn more and get the perfect fasteners for every job.

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