What Are Offset Lever Arms?

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When shopping for lever arms, you may notice that some of them aren’t straight. This isn’t a design flaw. Rather, some lever arms are intentionally angled at or near the middle. Known as offset lever arms, they are used in many same applications as conventional lever arms. Offset lever arms are used to manually control or adjust machines in the aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, government and agriculture industries. What are offset lever arms exactly?

Overview of Offset Lever Arms

Offset lever arms are defined by their shape. Unlike conventional lever arms, they aren’t straight. Rather, offset lever arms live up to their namesake by featuring an offset shape. They are essentially crooked. Offset lever arms have are angled at or near the middle, resulting in a crooked or offset shape.

Benefits of Choosing Offset Lever Arms

Why should you choose offset lever arms instead of conventional and straight lever arms? With their offset shape, they offer several benefits. You may discover that it’s easier to turn offset lever arms, for instance. They offer a more ergonomic design than conventional and straight lever arms. The top part of an offset lever arm will be perpendicular to the bottom part. This offset design makes them ergonomic and, thus, easy to turn.

Offset lever arms are also durable. Even though they are offset, they still typically consist of a single piece of material. Offset lever arms consist of a single piece of strong and durable material — typically stainless steel or carbon steel — that’s angled at or near the middle. Because they are made of a single piece of material, you don’t have to worry about them breaking during regular use. Offset lever arms can last for many years without experiencing any noticeable forms of degradation.

You can also find offset lever arms available in single-lever and multi-lever styles. Single-lever is the most common style in which they are made. Single-lever offset arms are those that feature a single gripping lever. Multi-lever offset arms, on the other hand, are those that feature multiple gripping levers.

In Conclusion

Lever arms can feature different shapes. While most of them are straight, some of them are offset. Offset lever arms are essentially angled at or near the middle. The top part is designed to be perpendicular to the bottom part. Benefits of choosing offset lever arms include increased ergonomics, durability and multiple style options.

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