Fastening Systems Supply Store Denver

At Fasteners, Inc., we make a point to carry all of the fastening system supplies our clients need. We have been a fastening systems supply store in Denver for 46 years and that time has given a chance to build up a huge inventory. We carry over 30,000 items and 2 million dollars’ worth of inventory just so our clients can get what they need when they need
Our customer service is unmatched as well; always offering helpful,
friendly, and well-informed service to everyone. When it comes to fastening systems and supplies, here are a few of the items we carry: drill bits, taps and dies, saw blades, abrasives, sockets, bit tips, driver tools, bolts, cap screws, nuts, rivets, wedge and sleeve anchors, bent and forged hardware, as well as may types of fasteners including Huck fastening systems, Alcoa Fastening Systems, metric fasteners, tamper-proof fasteners, stainless steel fasteners, security fasteners, and more!
Call us at Fasteners, Inc. when you need any type of fastener or fastening system in Denver and we will provide you with what you need at the right price in Denver.

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