The Beginner’s Guide to Swivel Hoist Rings

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Not all hoist rings consist of a fixed bail. Some of them have a bail that can freely turn from side to side. Known as swivel hoist rings, they are used in conjunction with a hoist. Hoists are industrial lifting devices. You can mount a swivel hoist ring on top of a heavy object, after which you can use a hoist to lift the object.

What Are Swivel Hoist Rings?

Swivel hoist rings are exactly what they sound like: hoist rings that can swivel. They can pivot freely. Other types of hoist rings can only move up and down. If you’re looking for a hoist ring that can turn from side to side, you’ll need to choose a swivel hoist ring.

The Parts of a Swivel Hoist Ring

What are the parts of a swivel hoist ring exactly? They all have a bail. The bail is the U-shaped rod that swivels. You can attach a chain or rope to the bail to lift the object to which the swivel hoist ring is mounted.

In addition to a bail, swivel hoist rings feature a pin. At the base of a swivel hoist ring is a shoulder pin. The shoulder pin runs through the ends of the bail and the center of the swivel hoist ring. The shoulder pin holds the bail in place while simultaneously allowing the bail to swivel.

Swivel hoist rings also feature a screw. The screw is used for mounting purposes. To use a swivel hoist ring, you’ll need to mount it on top of an object. As long as there’s a threaded hole in the object, it should accommodate a swivel hoist ring. You can twist the screw into the object’s threaded hole, thus mounting the swivel hoist ring on top of the object.

Benefits of Swivel Hoist Rings

With their ability to turn from side to side, swivel hoist rings offer several benefits. They are more versatile than their fixed counterparts. Even if the object to which they are mounted begins to twist, the swivel hoist rings will turn with them. This will minimize stress on the chain or rope so that it doesn’t break.

You can also find swivel hoist rings in different styles. Some of them are made of stainless, whereas others are made of forged alloy steel. There are even powder-coated swivel hoist rings available. They feature a layer of hardened powder particles that protects them from rust, corrosion and other forms of environmental damage.

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