Hinges: The Importance of Pin Size

Man connecting a hinge to a door

When choosing a hinge, you should consider the size of the pin. Most hinges have a pin. It’s a rod-like component that’s inserted through the hollow knuckle. Pressing two hinge leafs together will form a knuckle. The pin is designed to secure the leafs so that they don’t separate from each other.

Pins are available in different sizes, however. While the size of the pin may sound insignificant, it can affect hinges in several ways.

Hinge Length

The length of the pin will typically determine the length of the hinge. Pins run vertically through the knuckle of hinges. If a hinge is 2 inches long, it will likely require a 2-inch pin. A 4-inch pin, on the other hand, will require a 4-inch pin.

You can’t easily replace an existing hinge pin with a shorter or longer pin. If the pin is shorter than the length of the hinge, it may fail to secure the leafs together. If the pin is longer than the length of the hinge, it may protrude out the top. For a proper fit, the pin should be the same length as the hinge.

Hinge Strength

If you’re planning to use a hinge to support a heavy door or object, you should check the size of the pin. The size of the pin will affect the strength of the hinge. Generally speaking, hinges with a larger pin diameter are able to support more weight than those with a smaller diameter.

The diameter of a pin represents its thickness. Some pins are thicker than others. And with a larger diameter, they are stronger than their thinner counterparts. Heavy-duty hinges often have a thick pin. Standard and general-purpose hinges, conversely, may have a thin pin.

What Materials Are Hinge Pins Made Of?

You can find hinge pins made of different materials. Normally, the pin is made of the same material as the leafs. Hinges are available in stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, bronze and more. Assuming a hinge comes with a pin — which most hinges do — the pin will likely be made of the same material as the hinge itself.

In Conclusion

Don’t ignore the pin size when ordering a hinge. The length of the pin will determine the length of the hinge, and the diameter of the pin will influence the strength of the pin. The size of the pin is important for these reasons.

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