How Strong Are Rivets?

How Strong Are Rivets?If you’re looking for fasteners for your construction project, come to Fasteners, Inc. in Denver. We will answer your questions like: how strong are rivets? Then we can help you decide if rivets will work for your construction needs.

Rivets fasten together two or more pieces of material of varying thickness. They won’t loosen once you install them because the body of the rivet is as large or larger than the hole where it has been inserted. A rivet also won’t shake out or break off, and the tight seal of the rivet helps prevent leaks and seepage.

Blind rivets or pop rivets come in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes. The most popular rivet is used for blind fastening where there is no access to opposite side of the work, usually a wall. For example, you can’t use a machine screw and nut because they need access to both sides, but a blind rivet can be completely installed from only one side.

A blind rivet comes in two pieces that are pre-assembled. The two parts are the rivet body and inside of it is the setting mandrel.

How to Install a Blind Rivet

You insert the rivet into a hole that goes through the items to be joined. Then you insert the mandrel into the installation tool. The rivet is set by pulling on the mandrel, creating a bulge that securely fastens the items, permanently. At a predetermined point, the exposed mandrel will break off inside the rivet, that’s how you know it’s installed right.

Blind rivets have different head styles such as dome, large flange, and countersunk, and in different combinations of materials, which affects strength and corrosion resistance like aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.

Which one you choose can be selected for compatibility with the materials to be joined to avoid galvanic corrosion caused by coupling different metals.

Benefits of Using Rivets

Rivets can be used for a wide variety of home and industrial purposes. The materials and manufacturing processes used to head rivet bodies increase their shear and tensile values over a stamped eyelet-style rivet. The large flange also provides a greater bearing surface for fastening thinner or softer materials and it can also be good to use with larger or pre-existing holes.

Since they are joining other materials of varying thicknesses, rivets give the ultimate strength for some of the hardest jobs. You need to get the right size of rivet, so when it is installed properly it is vibration resistant and permanent.

How easy and how strong are rivets? Blind or pop rivets are a quick and simple way to join materials. You don’t have to be concerned about tool clearance, rotation failures, and secondary parts. It won’t vibrate or loosen if it’s installed properly. You can’t strip or under torque, and the tight seal doesn’t allow seepage or leaks. Blind rivets can be installed quickly and simply. In addition, the rivet and installation tool doesn’t mark the surfaces of the material being joined.

If you’re looking for rivets for your construction project, come to Fasteners, Inc. in Denver. We carry a variety of rivets so you can find ones that are just right for your project.

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