How to Choose the Right Fastener for Your Project

Nails, bolts, screws… there are many types of fasteners that you can choose from when completing a construction project. How do you know which fastener to choose to get the best quality finished product? Let’s get a better understanding of the fasteners and what type of fastener works best with different materials.

1. Nails

Nails are the most basic connector and the most economical choice of all fasteners. Nails are the simplest fastener to use, since they are driven by pure force into materials and do not need any extras, like nuts or washers, to hold them in place.

2. Bolts

Bolts are threaded fasteners that require a nut to lock them in place. Commonly used in the auto industry, these fasteners are chosen because of the ease of disassembling the project when necessary. Ideal for those projects that require a solid hold, bolts are strong enough to stay in place despite vibration or force.

Bolts like the A307B are made to support industrial structures. They can be used to fasten materials such as concrete forms and columns.

3. Screws

Great for projects that may be affected by gravity, screws are another type of threaded fastener that can be bored into materials such as wood or metal. Usually the go-to fastener for projects like wooden decks or wooden playsets, screws are the perfect fasteners because their corkscrew shape makes the material sturdy and avoids materials from shaking free.

Whatever the project, we have the screws to meet your needs, with screws for sheet metal, wood screws and machine screws. If you’re in need of construction fasteners, look no further! We carry a variety of construction fasteners, including cement board screws, drywall screws, woodworking screws and more!

You can trust that we have the fastener to create a sturdy and reliable end-product that will make you proud. For more information on types of fasteners or fastening systems for your project, visit Fastener, Inc. Do you have more questions? Please call our Denver or Grand Junction locations to get help from the experts!

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