Huck Fastening Systems Colorado

The Huck line are some of the most reliable and versatile in the industry. Trusted in industrial applications such as the automotive, aeronautic and other situations where couplings and connections must be completely secure, Huck fasteners are head and shoulders above most other fasteners in the field.  

We carry an enormous selection of Huck Fastening Systems in Colorado and Nebraska so that you can find the top quality fastening solution that is appropriate for any application.  Our warehouses keep over thirty thousand items in stock and ready to deliver at all times, allowing you to get the fasteners that you need right away without waiting for us to order them from the manufacturers.
Fasteners, Inc. have been providing people with the best prices on great fasteners such as the Huck line since 1965, and we are committed to helping every customer who comes to us find the right fasteners for any job, from systems like Huck down to the nuts and bolts, while providing exceptional, personalized customer service.  You can find more about our
selection of fasteners at our website, or else you can discuss your options in person by calling or coming to one of our three locations. 

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