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Huck Fastening SystemsThe Huck Fastening Systems, founded by Lou Huck more than 60 years ago, are still doing what they were designed to do, handle extreme stress and vibration, provide strength, and facilitate lighter, stronger, more durable structures. The original LockBolt, which is now called the HuckBolt, has developed into small and large diameter fasteners, medium and heavy duty blind fasteners and associated installation tooling. Fasteners, Inc. in Denver is an industrial distributor for the Huck Fastening Systems. They understand and appreciate the value and strength of the Huck Fastening Systems.

Huck designs and manufactures high-performance fasteners and fastener installation systems.  Did you know that Huck fasteners are used in almost every current U.S. and European commercial aircraft and also many military aircraft?  They are also used in heavy-duty trucks and trailers, railroad cars, bridges, automobiles and recreational vehicles, school buses, uildings. 

Huck fasteners systems have been made for more than a century  and include blind rivets, blind bolts, and lock bolts, as well as a full line of hydraulic tooling and installation equipment. Huck fasteners offer quiet and fast installation.

Huck Lockbolts are precision engineered two-piece fasteners. After they are installed, they never come loose despite a vibration-intensive environment. Huck Lockbolts give direct metal-to-metal contact so it eliminates the transverse vibration that is sometimes found in conventional nuts and bolts. Huck Lockbolts offer superior joining strength, shear, and tensile strength for an unparalleled fastening solution.

The Huck LockBolt is made up of two parts, a pin, and a collar. The bolt is inserted into one side of the joint material and the collar is placed over the bolt from the other side. The joint must be accessible from both sides. A Huck installation tool is used to swage the collar materials into the grooves of the bolt. This creates a permanent and vibration-resistant fastening.

The Huck blind fasteners provide strength created by the combined resistance against the failure of the pin and sleeve. This happens along the joint shear line between fastened plates.The tensile strength of structural blind fasteners differs from LockBolts because they form a blind side positive lock either by bulbing or expanding of the sleeve. The sleeve, aided by the permanently secured pin, resists failure along its center line.

Bulbing is when the sleeve of the fastener is compressed, causing it to fold outwards to form a bulb. This forms tightly against the joint material. So when the pin is permanently locked into place, the pintail breaks off, completing the installation. Expanding the sleeve happens when pulling the pintail makes the head of the pin draw into the sleeve. This causes a footprint to form against the joint material.

The most recent addition to the Huck fasteners is the HuckBobTail, which gives superior performance along with reduced noise, increased speed, elimination of pintails, efficiency, and lighter tooling.

In 2000, Alcoa became Huck’s parent company and two years later acquired Fairchild Fastening Systems. From these two acquisitions, they created Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS), with Huck fasteners as a branded product, providing engineered, high-quality, high-performance fastening systems for a variety of industrial applications.

The Huck fasteners offer some unique benefits, including the fasteners will not loosen even under extreme vibration, the joints are maintenance-free with no need to torque or re-torque, lower lifetime total cost of joint, high shear and tensile strengths for increased fatigue life of the joint, high-speed, easy to install systems can reduce production time by 75%, improves health and safety, replaces welded joints and tamperproof, once the are installed they cannot be removed without specialist tooling machinery.

Huck fasteners are used in many industrial markets including truck, trailer, automotive, HVAC, bus, coach, green energy and rail, agriculture, mining, and oil & gas.

Huck fasteners give a safe and clean alternative choice to welding and offers a more efficient fastening method than regular nuts and bolts.

Huck LockBolts are designed to provide permanent, vibration-resistant, superior-quality joining solutions for use in industrial applications. Huck fasteners provide relatively high tensile, shear and clamp properties and are well suited to applications where the joints are integral to the structure.

However, Huck’s pre-assembled, one-piece blind fasteners are used when  there is access from only one side of the joint material. The blind fastener is placed in a pre-drilled hole and is put in place by using an installation tool that pulls the mandrel or pin head into the rivet body, this expands the rivet body and causes it to flare on the blind side of the joint material. This creates a permanent and vibration-resistant fastening. Installation usually takes a little as one second.

Fasteners, Inc. in Denver, an industrial distributor for the Huck Fastening Systems reports Huck fasteners offer to reduce costs, provide quick and easy installation, and get rid of re-checking  and replacement.

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