How to store your fasteners at home

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Common fastener problems to avoid

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The benefits of using furniture cam lock systems

In wood joinery, cam lock nuts and special lock screws and connecting bolts are alternatives to traditional wood and adhesive joints. They’re often used with prefabricated fiberboard and wood furniture pieces, which are commonly known as “ready-to-assemble,” “knock-down” and “flat-pack” … Read More

How to reduce metal fastener corrosion problems

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The importance of safety glasses

The name does most of the hard lifting in describing this product. It’s so important to use safety glasses, whether for commercial or industrial use, for a major project, or when simply working at home. Debris, dust, and grit can … Read More

How to pick the right fasteners for industrial use

The type of fasteners you pick for industrial applications is critical. Although picking the right fastener often goes unnoticed, using the wrong type can result in devastating problems. For instance, in oil, petroleum and gas industries, using inappropriate fasteners can … Read More

Why bolts loosen and how to prevent this

Bolts are a great fastener choice in many applications because they are easy to dismantle. However, this makes them vulnerable to loss of preload and self-loosening. Bolt loosening can occur as a result of shock, dynamic load, vibration, creep, and … Read More