What Is Rotational Molding?

Also known as rotocasting, rotational molding is a molding process used to create hollow objects in custom shapes and sizes. While plastic injection molding is highly effective at producing solid objects in custom shapes and sizes, it doesn’t work well … Read More

What Is Chrome Plating?

Also known as chromium plating, chrome plating is a finishing process that involves the application of chromium onto the surface of a metal workpiece or object. From wheels to doorknobs and cutlery and vases, it’s used for in a variety … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Honing

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Plasma vs Laser Cutting: What’s the Difference?

The terms “plasma cutting” and “laser cutting” are often used interchangeably when referring to the use of hot, high-powered light to cut through workpieces. While similar, though, they aren’t necessarily the same. Plasma cutting and laser cutting use entirely different … Read More

What Is a Punch Tool?

Are you familiar with punch tools? Not to be confused with punch presses or their associated components, punch tools are used extensively in woodworking applications. They are often used in conjunction with other tools, such as a hammer and chisel, … Read More

What Is Friction Drilling?

Drilling is an age-old cutting process that involves the use of a manual or machine-powered tool bit to cut a cross-sectional hole in a workpiece. The tool bit is pressed against the surface of the workpiece, at which point it … Read More

6 Metallurgy Terms You Need to Know

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