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  • The ABCs of O-Rings: 7 Terms You Need to Know

    The ABCs of O-Rings: 7 Terms You Need to Know

    • July 15, 2021

    When researching O-rings, you may encounter some unfamiliar terms. O-rings are seals that offer a leak-proof mating surface. They are typically used in machines, vehicles and other types of mechanical equipment. With O-rings, fluids or gases will remain confined to their respective passage. To choose the right O-rings, though, you’ll need to learn some basic

  • What Are Deck Screws?

    What Are Deck Screws?

    • July 14, 2021

    When building a deck, you’ll need to use the right type of screws. Most decks consist of wooden planks. These planks, of course, must be secured to the frame with screws. Rather than using traditional wood screws, though, you should consider using deck screws. What are deck screws exactly, and how do they differ from

  • What Is a Recessed Pull Handle?

    What Is a Recessed Pull Handle?

    • July 8, 2021

    Pull handles are commonly used on cabinets, drawers, vehicles, appliances and other products. As their name suggests, they allow you to pull open the products with which they are used. Not all pull handles, however, feature the same design. There are recessed pull handles that are distinguished from all other pull handles by their concealed

  • The Benefits of Shearing: What You Should Know

    The Benefits of Shearing: What You Should Know

    • July 8, 2021

    There are different processes available for cutting metal. Some manufacturing companies use torch cutting, whereas others use plasma cutting. Torch and plasma cutting both revolve around heat to slide through metal. Another cutting process, however, is shearing. Shearing supports many of the same materials as torch and plasma cutting. With that said, shearing offers some

  • Slip Hook vs Shackle: What’s the Difference?

    Slip Hook vs Shackle: What’s the Difference?

    • July 7, 2021

    Slip hooks and shackles are commonly used in material handling applications. Companies in the construction, manufacturing and even maritime industries frequently use them to lift heavy objects. They can connect a slip hook or shackle to a heavy object. And with the help of a lifting crane or vehicle, companies can lift the object while

  • What Is a Gartner Spring?

    What Is a Gartner Spring?

    • July 2, 2021

    When researching some of the different types of springs, you may come across garter springs. Gartner springs are designed to store mechanical energy — just like all other springs. They consist of a coiled piece of metal that, when compression, exerts a radial force. Garter springs, however, feature a unique design that distinguishes them from

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