Plunger vs T-Style Door Holders: What’s the Difference?

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How to Choose a Swing Handle

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Plain Bore vs Roller Bearings for Caster Wheels

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Double-Acting Quick Release Pins: What You Should Know

Quick release pins are available in a variety of styles, one of which is double-acting. They look like most other quick release pins. Double-acting quick release pins feature one or more pairs of ball detents. Using these ball detents, they … Read More

Employee of the Month: Tim Chandler

Congratulations to Tim Chandler on Being Employee of the Month for January 2024! Nomination Tim Chandler has been a game-changer here at our warehouse in Perrysburg, OH, and it’s time we put the spotlight on his amazing work. First off, … Read More

What Are Guide Rail Brackets?

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5 Common Myths About Piano Hinges

You shouldn’t believe everything you read or hear about piano hinges. Like all hinges, piano hinges are mechanical bearings. They are used to connect two objects while simultaneously allowing a limited angle of rotation between the objects. Piano hinges, however, … Read More