5 Things to Consider When Choosing Folding Pull Handles

Folding pull handles offer a convenient, space-saving alternative to traditional pull handles. They are characterized by their ability to fold. After using a folding pull handle, you can fold it down to conserve space. Some folding pull handles feature hinges, … Read More

How to Choose the Right Hinge Screws

If you’re planning to install one or more hinges, you’ll need to choose the right screws. With the exception of weld-on hinges, most hinges are mounted with a set of screws. They feature several holes on each leaf. You can … Read More

What Are Swing “C” Washers?

When shopping for washers, you may encounter swing “C” washers. They don’t look like traditional disc-shaped washers with a hollow center. Rather, swing “C” washers feature a C-like shape that allows them to swing open from the fastener or hardware … Read More

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hand Truck Ramp

Curbs and other raised flooring or ground surfaces can prove problematic for hand trucks. When you encounter them, you may have to physically lift the hand truck. If the hand truck is fully loaded, lifting it may be difficult if … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Wide-Throw Hinges

Not all hinges are the same width. While most hinges consist of two leafs, some of them feature wider leafs than others. Wide-throw hinges, for instance, are characterized by wide leafs. Also known as swing clear hinges, they have a … Read More

What Are Top Levelers for Leveling Feet?

Leveling feet offer a simple and effective solution for unlevel machines and equipment. Also known as leveling mounts, they consist of a pad-like base that’s connected to either a threaded hole or a threaded rod. After mounting and adjusting them, … Read More

Pros and Cons of Alnico Magnets

It’s a common misconception that all permanent magnets are either ceramic (ferrite) or rare-earth. While ceramic and rare-earth magnets are certainly common, alnico is a popular alternative. An acronym for aluminum, nickel and cobalt, alnico magnets are used in musical … Read More