Truss Head vs Pan Head Screws: What’s the Difference?

Screws are often categorized according to their head. All screws have a head. The head, of course, is the uppermost part of a screw. It connects to the shank, which is the threaded body. You can install screws by driving … Read More

Why Hinges Squeak (And How to Prevent It)

Have you ever installed a hinge, only for it to start squeaking shortly thereafter? Hinges are mechanical bearings. While available in different styles, they all move during use. Opening or closing a door with which a hinge is used may … Read More

Common Screw Abbreviations You Need to Know

Not all screws are the same. While they all have external threading, some of them are designed differently than others. Fortunately, you can often refer to abbreviations to identify screw types. FH Screws with the FH abbreviation are flat-head screws. … Read More

What Are Refrigeration Hinges?

Hinges are often categorized according to their intended application. Door hinges, for instance, are designed for use with doors, whereas cabinet hinges are designed for use with cabinets. Refrigeration hinges, on the other hand, are designed for use with refrigeration … Read More

5 Benefits of Rattle Mounts You Need to Know

There are many different types of leveling mounts. All leveling mounts, of course, are designed to stabilize machines and equipment by making them level. If a machine or piece of equipment is tilting to the side, you can install leveling … Read More

What Are Soft Touch Knobs?

Knobs are available in different styles. While some of them have a hard and rigid construction, others feel soft to the touch. Known as soft touch knobs, they look like traditional knobs. Soft touch knobs simply feature a unique construction … Read More

The Benefits of Rubber Keypads

Keypads serve as the central interface for many devices. They are commonly used in the defense, aerospace, consumer and retail industries. Each keypad consists of a pad or block of button-affixed keys. Pressing a key will send a command to … Read More

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Alignment Pins

Alignment pins are commonly used to align and position workpieces. You can place them through a workpiece and into an adjacent hole of a machine or workholding solution. Alignment pins will only go into the machine or workholding solution if … Read More

Employee of the Month: Kaylee Dyk

Congratulations Kaylee Dyk on being the Employee of the Month for May 2022 Nomination Kaylee is detail oriented, quick, personable, a real ray of sunshine! She is a perfect fit for Human Resources for OneMonroe. When we first approached Kaylee … Read More