Joining vs Forming Manufacturing Processes: What’s the Difference?

Joining and forming are two common types of manufacturing processes. Manufacturing companies often rely on one or both types of processes to convert raw materials into finished products. While joining and forming have a similar goal, however, they aren’t the … Read More

Comparing the Different Types of Machine Presses

Also known as a forming press, a machine press is a heavy-duty industrial machine that uses pressure to resize or reshape a workpiece. It’s operated a worker, known as a toolsetter, who’s responsible for securing the workpiece in place and … Read More

The Dreaded Burr: How Workpieces Are De-Burred

In the manufacturing industry, it’s not uncommon for workpieces to have one or more burrs after being machined. Machining operates can change the shape, size and other physical characteristics of a workpiece. Milling, for example, cuts away material from a … Read More

Top 10 Failures in Manufacturing

If you are looking for a list of spectacular manufacturing failures, where products fail to perform as intended, that is not this story (although I would bet at least one of these listed failures happened in every one of those … Read More

Laser Cutting 101

So how does a laser actually work? It starts with the word itself which is an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. For the layman, it means “you’re cutting stuff with a very bright beam of light” … Read More

What is a Plastic Living Butt Hinge?

A hinge that is lubrication free, resistant to degradation in moist or corrosive environments, and UV protected. Can it be true? Sure can, it is a  plastic living butt hinge! They are a great alternative to conventional metal hinges. Made … Read More