What is a Plastic Living Butt Hinge?

A hinge that is lubrication free, resistant to degradation in moist or corrosive environments, and UV protected. Can it be true? Sure can, it is a  plastic living butt hinge! They are a great alternative to conventional metal hinges. Made of polypropylene plastic, the living butt hinge is a one-piece, molded, spineless hinge. Careful design and special considerations need to be taken into account when developing a plastic living butt hinge.

These hinges can be used on a number of different applications in the marine, industrial, and chemical industries. Since the living butt hinge is made of plastic it has the ability to rotate on one of its panels 180 degrees or more, depending on the application it will be used for. When they are made correctly they can last for a very long time. They also do not need to be assembled like other conventional hinges and are silent when in use. They are very easy to install and can be used on wood, plastic, and even metal surfaces.

Making a plastic living butt hinge should take a little extra time and care when designing. They have a limited material selection and since they are plastic they have a disadvantage when it comes to the amount of load they can hold. There  are many fillers that can be added to plastic, but when you are making a living hinge most fillers are not recommended. A lot  goes into the molecular makeup of  plastic living butt hinges and is a crucial part of their production. Whatever the case may be, Monroe Hinge and Stamping is here to help and will guide you through the process.

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