What Are Adjusting Inserts for Plastic Hinges?

If you’re tired of installing door hinges, only to discover that they are misaligned, adjustable inserts may be the answer. They come with certain types of plastic hinges, such as CFR Adjustable Hinges sold here at Monroe. They still feature … Read More

Lip Seals: What They Are and When to Use Them

When shopping for seals, you may encounter lip seals. They are commonly used in machinery. Motors and other machines often contain rotating shafts. Lip seals are placed around these rotating shafts to prevent oil, coolant or other fluids from leaking. … Read More

Exploring the Different Types of Eye Bolts

Eye bolts offer a convenient anchoring solution. Like all bolts, they feature a threaded body known as a shank. Eye bolts are distinguished from traditional bolts, however, by their looped head. While traditional bolts feature a solid head — the … Read More

What Are the Poles on Magnets?

Poles play an important role in the attractive properties of magnets. Regardless of the material, all magnets have two poles. Even the Earth, in fact, has a pair of poles: the north and south poles. Overview of Magnetic Poles Magnetic … Read More

Employee of the Month: Kurt Stricker

Congratulations to Kurt Stricker on being Employee of the Month for October 2023!! Nomination Kurt commenced his journey in the warehouse, swiftly establishing himself as a pivotal contributor to our company. His expertise in our products expanded, paralleled by a … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Tamper-Resistant Socket Screws

Not all socket cap screws require a standard Allen wrench to install and remove. While all feature a recessed hexagonal head, some of them are designed with a built-in security pin. Known as tamper-resistant socket screws, they are used in … Read More

Why Extension Springs Have Hooked Ends

Ever wonder why extension springs have hooked ends? There are two primary types of springs: compression and extension. While they both consist of coiled metal, only extension springs have hooked ends. As shown in the adjacent photo, the ends of … Read More