How to Choose a Tapered Knob

Tapered knobs offer an ergonomic and effective way to control machinery. Also known as tapered handles, they are characterized by a diminishing shape. Tapered knobs have ridges that become smaller toward the end. While they all feature this same tapered … Read More

Toggle Wing Anchors vs Traditional Wall Anchors: What’s the Difference?

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Quad Steer Trailers: Helping to Move Materials Faster

A quad steer trailer is a smart investment for all businesses that regularly move products, inventory or other materials. Also known as a quad steer dolly, it offers several advantages over a traditional industrial cart. For a better understanding of … Read More

Zinc-Plated vs Powder-Coated Steel Hooks: Which Is Best?

Steel hooks offer a convenient hanging solution. You can install them in your garage, closet, kitchen, shed, workplace and just about anywhere else. Consisting of a U-shaped piece of steel, steel hooks provide a stable place from which to hang … Read More

Barrel Nuts vs Traditional Threaded Nuts: What’s the Difference?

Nuts are one of the most common types of threaded fasteners. They are typically used in conjunction with a bolt to join two or more parts. Nuts feature internal threading, whereas bolts feature external threading. After driving a bolt through … Read More

What Causes Stripped Screws?

Have you ever tried to remove a screw, only for your screwdriver to spin freely in the screw’s head? Most screws have a recess in the head. You can tighten or loosen them by placing a screwdriver in this recess … Read More

What Are Electrogalvanized Hinges?

Prolonged exposure to moisture can take a toll on hinges. Moisture contains oxygen. When exposed to these oxygen molecules, hinges will experience oxidation. They will essentially gain some of the waterborne oxygen molecules, thus increasing the risk of corrosion. The … Read More