Report 27,000 New Manufacturing Jobs Added in November

Manufacturing remains one of the country’s most vital sectors. Not only does it account for about 11.6% of the United States’ total economic output; it also provides jobs to millions of hardworking Americans — and there are no signs of the manufacturing industry slowing down anytime soon. On the contrary, a new report found that 27,000 new manufacturing jobs were added in November alone.

Earlier this month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) published a report analyzing various industries and their respective employment numbers. According to the report, American manufacturers hired 27,000 new workers in November. From boiler operators and assemblers to material handlers, welders and more, manufacturers need highly skilled workers to carry out their operations. As with other industries, rates of new jobs in the manufacturing industry vary from month to month. It appears the industry is ending the year on a strong note, however, as the BLS reports that a staggering 27,000 new manufacturing jobs were created in November.

As American manufacturers continue to grow and expand, they seek new workers to fill newly created positions. This offers new employment opportunities for countless Americans, many of whom are interested in securing a career in the manufacturing industry.

November was yet again another good month for American factory workers. With 27,000 new jobs last month, manufacturing continues to add jobs that are providing opportunities for workers throughout the country,” said Scott Paul of the Alliance for Manufacturing when discussing the report.

U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta also chimed in on the BLS’s report, saying that the country’s overall unemployment rate of 3.7% in November was the first time the rate had not surpassed 3.7% for three consecutive months. Furthermore, there have been seven months in 2018 in which the country’s unemployment rate remained under 4%. A low unemployment rate, of course, signals strong job growth as well as economic output.

In addition to more jobs and a low unemployment rate, manufacturing workers are also reaping the benefits of bigger paychecks. Over the past year, the size of manufacturing workers’ paychecks has increased by an average of 3.1%. While that number may sound insignificant, it’s still extra money for the millions of Americans who work in the manufacturing industry.

From January to November, U.S. manufacturers created more than one-quarter of a million new jobs, with November representing one of the strongest months for the industry. Whether this trend continues remains to be seen. However, analysts are optimistic considering the newfound employment growth in the manufacturing industry.