Solid Rivets Are Ideal Fasteners

Solid Rivets Are Ideal FastenersSolid rivets are ideal fasteners and OneMonroe has solid rivets for any application. If you need them, we can help you decide which rivet will work best for your project.

As for news out of the rivet world, a manufacturer known as the GESIPA group has created a new business unit for solid riveting which will based in Olpe, Germany. The former W+O Solid Riveting is being integrated into GESIPA to create this new unit, Solid Riveting, which will develop modified solid rivet application solutions in the commercial vehicle industry, automotive industry, and general industry.

We have a lot of experience with solid rivet fasteners and appreciate how effective they are for highly loaded constructions since they join load-bearing components. Solid rivets have mechanical strength brings benefits in terms of costs and weight compared to threaded joints.

According to a Fastener and Fixing article, the Solid Riveting design has customer input regarding the material, heat treatment, and joint strength, focusing on the best riveting process and corrosion protection.

GESIPA’s Solid Riveting unit has cold forming presses, producing solid rivet fasteners up to 20mm in diameter and meeting important specifications, like the ISO/TS 16949 certification for high-quality standards of the automotive industry.

Using a thermal diffusion surface treatment facility allows coating of the fasteners. GESIPA’S patented SheraBlack method gives long-term corrosion protection for rivets after the setting process and meets the stringent requirements of the commercial vehicle industry including required salt spray tests.

In addition, according to GESIPA’s website, they have made improvements to its manual blind rivet setting tools (the NTX/NTX-F) and also its blind rivet nut setting tool (the GBM 10). These tools now have soft grip sleeves which improve the riveting process. The first GESIPA manual rivet setting tool was produced over 60 years ago.

In contrast to the NTX, the NTX-F has an opening spring for automatic ejection of the mandrel. It also has an intermediate lever system which reduces the force required and dampens the tear-off effect.

GESIPA’s new GAV HF makes it possible to process very large blind rivets of up to 8.0 mm in any material; rivet shaft lengths of up to 35 mm, setting head diameters of up to 19 mm, and handle rivet mandrel diameters of up to 5.5 mm. The GAV HF is extremely user-friendly and is easy to install. It also has an interface for connection to production systems. A spring loaded trigger system is available for an integrated electronic process data analysis and the process data archive.

The optional setting process monitoring system fulfills the requirements of safety-relevant industrial applications requiring 100% control and traceability of the setting process for blind rivets. The process data gives an overview of all nonconforming rivets and their causes so that errors can be found quickly and corrected.

Solid rivets are ideal fasteners as evidenced by GESIPA’s solid rivet application solutions for a variety of industries. OneMonroe has all your rivet needs, including blind rivets, Huck fasteners, nutserts, Olympic rivets, rivet nuts, and inserts. We provide fast, accurate delivery or shipment of rivets. Call a member of our fasteners team for immediate assistance. We have what you need or we know where to get it.

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