Specialty Bolt Supplier Denver

Fasteners, Inc. has a huge inventory of fastening systems including rivets, bolts, drill bits, hand tools, nuts, pins, keys, screws, sockets, washers and so much more. We stock over 30,000 items between our warehouses in Denver, Omaha, and Grand Junction and we are sure to have the parts you need at a great price.
As a specialty bolt supplier, we strive to have the absolute best selection in the area. Included in our massive inventory of bolts and specialty bolts are strut bolts/caps, tension control bolts, carriage bolts, machine bolts, hex head bolts, tap bolts (full thread), elevator bolts, flat head bolts, flange bolts, square head plow bolts, rock bolts, wedge anchor bolts, alligator L-shaped foundation bolts, wall/drywall anchoring toggle bolts, A307B bolts,
A325 bolts, A490 bolts, lag bolts, step bolts, and more.
If we do not carry just what you are looking for, we may be able to order it or find it for you. Our dedication to service and meeting the needs of our customer goes back 46 years in this business. We are a great source to find what you need at the right price every time. Call us at Fasteners, Inc. today!

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