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  • The Beginner’s Guide to Metal Stamping

    The Beginner’s Guide to Metal Stamping0

    Not to be confused with metal fabrication, metal stamping is a metalworking process that involves the use of an industrial machine to deform a flat sheet of metal into a specific shape. Using pressure, the machine compresses the sheet metal against a die surface. This changes the shape of the sheet metal to reflect that

  • 7 Fast Facts About Aluminum

    7 Fast Facts About Aluminum0

    From soda cans and ladders to electrical wiring and airplane fuselages, countless products are made of aluminum. Along with steel, it’s become one of the world’s most widely used metals. While you’ve almost certainly used a product containing this metal below, we’ve compiled a list of seven facts about aluminum that may surprise you. #1)

  • What Is Metal Spinning?

    What Is Metal Spinning?0

    Also known as metal turning, metal spinning is a type of metalworking process that involves the use of a rotating machine — typically a CNC lathe — to deform metal over a pre-shaped mold. Unlike with other metal turning processes, however, it doesn’t strip away or otherwise remove any of the metal material. Rather, metal

  • What’s the Difference Between Hot-Chamber and Cold-Chamber Die Casting?

    What’s the Difference Between Hot-Chamber and Cold-Chamber Die Casting?0

    Commonly used in the manufacturing industry, die casting is a casting process that involves forcing molten metal through the cavity of a pre-shaped mold. Base metals such as zinc, aluminum, copper, magnesium and lead are first heated until they achieve a molten state. The newly molten metal is then forced into a pre-shaped mold using

  • Comparing the Different Types of Extrusion Processes

    Comparing the Different Types of Extrusion Processes0

    Extrusion is a manufacturing process that involves forcing base metal through a pre-shaped die to create objects with a specific shape and profile. As the metal passes through the die, it’s shape changes to reflect the die’s shape. There are different types of extrusion processes, however, including cold, hot, friction and micro. Cold Extrusion With

  • How Aluminum Metal Is Anodized

    How Aluminum Metal Is Anodized0

    Accounting for approximately 8% of the Earth’s crust, aluminum is the world’s third-most abundant metal. In 2016, global production of aluminum reached an all-time high of 58.8 million tons — and there’s no signs of production slowing down anytime soon. With aluminum being used to make everything from automotive frames and engines to spacecraft, window