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  • Nitrite vs Silicone Seals: Which Is Best?

    Nitrite vs Silicone Seals: Which Is Best?0

    Nitrite and silicone are two of the most common materials in which seals are made. Whether you’re shopping for O-rings or gaskets, you can probably find them in these materials. Based on their appearance alone, nitrite and silicone seals may look the same. They are both semi-elastic with similar physical properties. Nonetheless, there are differences

  • The ABCs of O-Rings: 7 Terms You Need to Know

    The ABCs of O-Rings: 7 Terms You Need to Know0

    When researching O-rings, you may encounter some unfamiliar terms. O-rings are seals that offer a leak-proof mating surface. They are typically used in machines, vehicles and other types of mechanical equipment. With O-rings, fluids or gases will remain confined to their respective passage. To choose the right O-rings, though, you’ll need to learn some basic

  • The Top 4 Manufacturing Processes for O-Rings

    The Top 4 Manufacturing Processes for O-Rings0

    O-rings are a common component of many machines. Consisting of ring-shaped seals made of an elastomer, they are designed to prevent fluids and gases from leaking around mating surfaces. Mating surfaces are the areas where two or more passages meet. If fluid or gas flows through passages, it may leak at their mating surface. O-rings,

  • 5 Things to Consider When Choosing O-Rings

    5 Things to Consider When Choosing O-Rings0

    Choosing the right O-rings is important. Also known as toric joints, they are used in sealing applications. O-rings live up to their namesake by featuring a circular, o-shaped design with a round cross-section. You can secure them around the mating surfaces of fluid- or gas-carrying passages. While all O-rings share a similar design, though, they

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Spring-Energized Seals

    The Beginner’s Guide to Spring-Energized Seals0

    Sealing applications require the use of strong and durable seals. When exposed to hot and pressurized liquids, seals can fail. The failure of a seal will then allow the otherwise contained liquid to leak out. There are many different types of seals, however, one of which is spring energized. Spring-energized seals are strong and durable,

  • What Are Hydraulic Seals?

    What Are Hydraulic Seals?0

    Hydraulic cylinders are commonly found in industrial machines. Consisting of an actuator, it uses hydrostatic energy to generate force. Hydraulic cylinders essentially use fluid to create a pull or push force. Because they contain fluid, however, they require the use of seals. There are hydraulic seals found in most hydraulic cylinders. What are hydraulic seals