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What Is a Machined Spring?

When researching the different types of springs, you may come across machined springs. They are available in extension and compression styles. Extension styles are designed to “extend” under a load, meaning they become longer. Compression styles, on the other hand, … Read More

6 Common Misconceptions About Gas Springs

Gas springs are commonly used in positioning applications. Like all springs, they are designed to store mechanical energy. While traditional springs consist of coiled metal, though, gas springs feature a gas-filled cylinder. Here are six common misconceptions about gas springs. … Read More

6 Facts About Extension Springs

Extension springs are commonly used in furniture, household appliances, garage doors and countless other everyday products. Also known as tension springs, they are designed to operate under a tension load. Here are six facts about extension springs. #1) Create a … Read More

Stainless Steel vs Music Wire Springs: What’s the Difference?

Most springs are made of metal, but some of them are made of different types of metal than others. There are stainless steel springs, and there are music wire springs. Both stainless steel and music wire springs are capable of … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Gas Spring Dampers

Gas springs have become a popular alternative to wire springs. Like all springs, they are designed to store mechanical energy. While wire springs are made of coiled-metal wire, however, gas springs feature a different design. Gas springs leverage a cylinder … Read More

How to Choose the Right Flat Springs

Shopping for flat springs can be daunting. Unlike mechanical springs, they don’t feature a traditional coiled design. Flat springs can still store mechanical energy, but they feature a flat design. Flat springs are manufactured from flat stock. As shown in … Read More

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Springs

Springs are mechanical devices that, when exposed to a force, store energy. You can find them in engines, tools, locks, machines, furniture, toys and countless other products. While most people are familiar with the basic design of a typical spring, … Read More