Textile Company Aurora Hosts American Manufacturing Initiative

The Yorkille, Illinois-based textile company Aurora has launched an initiative to celebrate the country’s manufacturing industry. Dubbed “Investing in American Manufacturing,” Aurora’s initiative seeks to raise awareness for the American manufacturing industry while also encouraging consumers to buy made-in-America products. While Aurora isn’t the first company to emphasize American manufacturing, it’s certainly making a strong impact as it sets an example for other textile companies to follow.

Aurora was originally started as a cotton processing mill in Aurora, Illinois. Of course, it experienced great success, as cotton is one of the country’s most popular and soft-after textiles. Statistics show that the United States produced more than 40 billion pounds of the fluffy fabric each year, cultivating cotton across massive farmland consisting of 77 million acres. The total value of the United States’s annual cotton production is $25 billion, attesting to its significance. With cotton such a prized textile, Aurora has weathered market changes to remain a leading textile company in the United States.

Just four years ago, Aurora expanded its manufacturing efforts by opening a new facility in the city of Yorkshire. Just a 20-minute drive from Aurora, Yorkshire became the new headquarters for the textile company. According to Aurora’s official website, it upgraded the facility with an advanced manufacturing assembly and coating line.

So, what does Aurora have in store for its manufacturing initiative? The company began the initiative by hosting a picnic for employees, customers and the public alike, all of whom were provided grilled hot dogs, burgers, desserts and other dishes. The company’s Dan LaTurno said that Aurora has learned the importance of investing in manufacturing efforts here in the United States, and that Aurora seeks to bring this value to its customers.

“Overall, we’ve learned that investing in manufacturing operations at home is both great for local and regional economies and smart business,” said Dan LaTurno, president of Aurora. “In the next weeks, we’ll look at the specific values this brings to our customers here and abroad and discuss the benefits of working with a U.S.-based manufacturer that operates with the highest standards of manufacturing and sustainability.”

Not all manufacturing companies acknowledge the importance of made-in-America manufacturing. Many continue to outsource their operations overseas to cut costs and save money. However, companies like Aurora are taking the initiative to foster a stronger and healthier U.S. economy by producing goods here in the United States. And it’s these companies that ultimately create new jobs.