The Beginner’s Guide to Adjustable Handles

Adjustable handle by Monroe

Adjustable handles offer a simple and effective ratcheting solution. You can connect them to machines and equipment. With the internal conical spring in place, turning an adjustable handle will tighten or loosen the part with which it’s used.

What Are Adjustable Handles?

Also known as ratchet handles, adjustable handles are lever-like handles that are used to tighten and loosen parts. They feature an ergonomic design that’s comfortable and easy to use — even in small spaces. Like most other handles, adjustable handles only require turning. Gripping and turning an adjustable handle will engage the part with which it’s used.

Common Materials in Which Adjustable Handles Are Made

You can find adjustable handles in a variety of materials, some of which include plastic, stainless steel, carbon steel and zinc. Plastic adjustable handles are inexpensive, lightweight and corrosion resistant, but they lack the strength of their metal and alloy counterparts.

Keep in mind that adjustable handles may feature multiple materials in their construction. Some of them feature an insert that’s made of a different material than their handle. When shopping for adjustable handles, you should check both the insert material and the handle material to determine what they are made of.

Stud vs Tapped Adjustable Handles

Regardless of the material from which they are made, most adjustable handles feature either a stud or tapped base. A stud base consists of external threading, whereas a tapped base consists of internal threading. You’ll have to connect adjustable handles to machines or equipment by the base.

If an adjustable handle has a stud base, you’ll need to ensure the machine or equipment has a threaded hole that will accommodate it. If an adjustable handle has a tapped base, on the other hand, you’ll need to ensure the machine or equipment has a threaded rod.

Button-Head Styles

Adjustable handles are available in button-head styles. Button-head styles are exactly what they sound like: adjustable handles that feature a button on their head. The top of the base has a button that, when pressed, will lock the adjustable handle in place. You won’t be able to turn the adjustable handle until you unlock it.

Teardrop Styles

In addition to button-head, some adjustable handles feature a teardrop style. Teardrop styles are characterize by their shape. They are shaped like a teardrop, with the lever-like handle extended down at the end. Teardrop styles such as this offer excellent ergonomics.

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