The Beginner’s Guide to Assist Handles

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Handles are classified according to their purpose. There are door handles that, as the name suggests, are used to open doors. There are also assist handles that provide assistance to users. You can install them in your home or workplace. Regardless, they will create a safer environment. What are assist handles, and how do they work?

What Are Assist Handles?

Assist handles are bar-shaped handles that are designed to assist users. Also known as grab bars, they offer a stable surface that you can grab for support.

You can install an assist handle on a flat surface, such as a wall. Once in place, the assist handle will offer a stable surface to grab. If you’re walking near the wall and suddenly lose your balance, you can reach out to the assist handle. Grabbing the assist handle will allow you to maintain your balance so that you don’t fall over and injure yourself.

How Assist Handles Work

Assist handles work by providing a stable and secure surface to grip. As previously mentioned, you can use them to maintain your balance and, thus, protect against fall-related injuries.

Falls can happen when you least expect them. Maybe you are walking up a set of stairs and miss a step, or perhaps your foot gets caught underneath a rug. With an assist handle nearby, you’ll have a surface to grip so that you don’t fall.

Common applications for assist handles include the following:

  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  • Public restrooms
  • Senior living facilities
  • Manufacturing factories

Things to Consider When Choosing Assist Handles

While they are all used for the same purpose of providing assistance, not all assist handles are the same. You can find them in different materials. Since they are used to provide support and assistance, they are typically made of metal. But you can still find assist handles in different types of metals.

Some assist handles are made of aluminum, whereas others are made of stainless steel. Aluminum steel handles typically cost less and weigh less than their steel counterparts. Stainless steel assist handles, though, offer a superior level of strength and durability.

You should consider the fastener type when choosing assist handles. Most assist handles are installed with fasteners. They feature holes on the ends that you can use to install them with fasteners. Driving fasteners through the holes and into a surface, such as a wall, will install the assist handle. Nonetheless, some assist handles require different fasteners than others.

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