The Beginner’s Guide to Quick Release Pins

Quick Release pin by Monroe Engineering

Quick release pins offer a simple and effective way to secure, as well as release, machinery parts. When inserted, they will hold the respective part in place. You can release the part, on the other hand, by removing the quick release pin. Quick release pins make it easy to secure and release parts in machinery.

What Are Quick Release Pins?

While available in different styles, all quick release pins are used to temporarily secure machinery parts. They feature a pin and a handle. Quick release pins are designed for use in machinery holes. Inserting the pin into a hole will secure the respective part. Pulling or otherwise engaging the handle will release the part.

Types of Quick Release Pins

You can find quick release pins in different styles. Most of them have a pin and a handle. With that said, quick release pins are available in a variety of styles.

T-handle quick release pins feature a T-shaped handle. They are ergonomic and easy to use. While nearly all quick release pins have a handle, T-handle quick release pins are particularly ergonomic because of the shape of their handle. You can easily grip and pull the handle to release the parts with which they are used.

In addition to T-handle, there are ring-handle quick release pins. Ring-handle quick release pins are characterized by the use of a ring-shaped handle. They have a small ring at the top of the pin. Pulling this ring will remove the pin out of the hole and, thus, release the part.

Some quick release pins have a button on the handle. Known as button-handle quick release pins, they are designed to release the parts with which they are used when the button is pressed. Button-handle quick release pins will lock into place when inserted into a hole. They’ll remain locked until the button is pressed and the pin is pulled out of the hole.

Choosing Quick Release Pins

When choosing quick release pins, consider the handle. Some quick release pins have a T-shaped handle, whereas others have a ring handle. The handle may or may not feature a button as well.

The size of a quick release pin may vary. Pay attention to the diameter and width of the handle as well as the length of the pin itself.

Different quick release pins are made of different materials. Some of them are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel quick release pins are strong, durable and long-lasting. You can also find them in different finishes. The presence of a finish helps to protect the metal from damage.

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